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EESTEC Congress Madrid 2005


The XIX EESTEC Congress will take place in Madrid, from the 3rd to the 11th of April 2005. The annual congress is EESTEC's main event throughout the year, whose participants include representatives from all local committees, strewn all over Europe.

This will ultimately mean about 100 engineering students, from different countries, making decisions about EESTEC's future; attending assorted workshops with various and diverse subjects: educational, sociological, technical and, of course, those related to the association.

More information

Information on the Congress


Information and news about the congress' organization; with updates, programme overview, and our sponsors.

How to contribute


If your business or organization is interested in cooperating and participating in the organization, this is the place to find more information on EESTEC, previous congresses, and how to contact us.

Registration and participants' listing


The registration process isn't open yet, you can pre-register so that we can keep you up to date with the latest news. On closer dates to the Congress, you will be able to complete the registration forms and see the complete list of participants.

Information on Madrid


Touristic information on Madrid: history, monuments and other interesting data for visitors.


The Congress is organized each year by a different local committee. In 2005 Eurielec LC Madrid will undertake this event's organization, with the ETSIT's and UPM's valuable support.

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